Floating railway station

Out of the train station, Trieste! Walking quietly, aim: sea side. On the left, an abandoned railway station. Jump in…….

How to reach 

Today we are in Trieste, port city and the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia! The abandoned site is situated in viale Miramare, on the road leading to the seafront of Barcola. After 20 minutes of walking from the train station, on the left you will find this huge and infinity fence which delimits the highway from the abandoned site.

There are several entrances but easiest one is exactly in the middle of the way. You will see some small trees and weeds where you can fit between and then get inside.

Ghost place during the day, gathering spot for homeless – during the night. Five rows of binaries run all along the wide road. Road which is not old however renowned, filled by small white stones and borders on both sides, by small and big trees. On the left – previous buildings, probably place for the workers. Still you can find in the air the smell of oil used to lubricate the train tracks. Also my shoes were affected by this black and oily substance which, on the white floor, make evident the contrast.
On the parallel road of the tracks, behind the row of buildings, an elevator and other buildings are closed by concrete walls to not let intruders come in. Sea side is immediately on the right, making the atmosphere more enjoyable and relaxing. It would be a good place to rest and sunbathing if it weren’t for the long concrete slab under your foot. Continue walking and then you will be able to reach the real train station. New and old are finally connected.
P.S: Due to the time problems I have just visited from the outside, not inside the several buildings.
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