Is there enough alcohol here?

There were rumours about the best italian alcohol was produced here.


Ferrara and its Distillery

Here we are in Ferrara, beautiful art city in Emilia Romagna. Located on the outskirts, between Burana and Boicelli channels, the factory was part of company Eridiana. An important industrial area characterized by the presence, inside a rectangular fenced lot of big size, of a different number of buildings in state of abandonment and manufactured with a mixed structure. The conservation status is still quite good.

Distillery Eridiana

What we are talking today is about an historic distillery which saw the light in the early decades of ‘900 and was, for a long time, one the largest european producers of alcohol. It was under the leadership of one of the most famous Italian brands “Alcol Buongusto” and other alcoholic bases for industrial and cosmetic uses. Because of an EU directive which simply required Member States to carry out a gradual rising of the “bio-ethanol” share in fossil fuels, reaching the ideal limit of 5% with a minimum of 2,5% the history of this giant came to the end.

Entry to the abandoned place

There is an entrance on the route “Stefano Trenti” where is also possible to find enough place  to park the car. There then you need to cross a bridge where usually are stable some homeless people or fishermen and, through a small hole on the wall , you are able to get inside. As soon you are inside you can see at how massive is this industry complex and you understand one day is not enough at all to visit all . Inside is possible to find mega silos covered and not covered housing for employees, the internal customs office, the famous distillation tower and also laboratories.

Chemistry laboratory

Laboratories, further towards the center of the complex,  full of test tubes, flasks, books about chemistry, small contraptions and syringes constitutes the heritage of this unused area. Any of us can smell the air saturated of history of this distillery and imagine what could have been before of this abandon – people working, making experiments, talking- a little bit disqueting as moment.

Almost everywhere you can find “artificial swimming pools” or rather silos and structures full of water inside, filled by rain.

Oh well we have also a surprise  for people passionate about parkour and free running. Be prepared with this super open gym just for you guys!

Now home for homeless people is not rare to bump into bivouacs dispersed for the complex. Food, a lot of drinks, porn journals and even warnings to not enter in their “house” are almost everywhere.

Not only the ground is livable , life is hidden also in the undergrounds and humidity, water and bed smells are the protagonists of this reality.

The distillery, both in size and location, as well as for its famous tower, soars gloomy over the city. The latter, despite is empty and the ground floor is full of dirt, has a different structure still solid and, on beautiful days, the view that you can enjoy is worth the trip.

Eridania recalls the traditions and still in the eighties the color that distinguishes it is blue.

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