The quarry of Orgiano

Split the rock and destroy it!! You will discover the Symphony of destruction!

The quarry is situated in Orgiano, small town, 25 km far away from Vicenza. It is easily reachable by car, but not by public transport.
You can park your car in via Teonghio, 9, and take one of the two roads, which lead directly to the quarry.
BE CAREFUL: if there are some workers it will be safer climb on the enclosure or just go through the small holes scattered in several points. Indeed right now workers are there and it is private ownership.
Not much is known about the history of this quarry. Just that in 1979 the mining operations of the quarry begin and then in 2005 everything “come to an end”, because of problems associated with soil.
The owner of the quarry is Italcementi, a big italian company of building materials, a devour limestone. It destroys everything what is needed to be destroyed without caring about people in nearby villages. Till now there are many controversies, arised by environmentalists.
A massive space with only earth and grass, this is what you can see as soon you get inside. In the middle a small hill rises, probably made by previous excavations. In absence of people, by now this wilderness is home for animals and insects like rabbits , fawns, foxes, wild boars, lizards, flies, locusts.
On 3 different points there are these gigantic machines used before for digging, moving earth and picking the precious white stone from the ground. Now they lay static, without owner and without any willingness to move.
There is a lake hidden between the rocks, artificial or natural, with a colour of the water that does not tempt people to have a bath.
All around – nature, trees, fields; further – also houses. Everything is really calm and quiet.


 UPDATE 2017!! Right now is not anymore abandoned, workers are there and are trying to fix the machines!

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