Ivo Lucon

While visiting the Veneland amusement park in Morocco, an old church across the street catches our eye. “Wow, I wish it was abandoned”, this is what I immediately thought. And it was.

Abandoned Marocco

Hospital is situated just in front of Veneland in Marocco, Mogliano Veneto. The best way to get inside is from the back side. The fence from there is really easy to jump over. Though at the same time there is a parking place with lots of people. Try to slip through when nobody is watching.

Ivo Lucon – Sport Center

We decided to embark on this adventure without any prior information about the place, having been amazed for a long time by the abandoned church. At the entrance we read “Ivo Lucon sports centre”.

Just you and God

We find a three-storey building with many rooms where patients were probably placed. There is very little left inside, only several paintings of dogs and landscapes.

Two other small buildings were used for administrative purposes. In one of them dancing shadows, graffiti depicting figures in prison uniforms, jumped and danced from one wall to another.

They pointed us to a wooden staircase not far away. Following their suggestions we arrived in the attic and more creatures made their appearance. Stuffed, lifeless, we came across some birds.
At the end of the path a small church. Inside there is a small altar and wooden benches. An absolutely authentic and beautiful place to be with your thoughts… but time was calling.


Urbex location

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