Ivo Lucon

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Meanwhile visiting amusement park Veneland in Marocco the old church across the road is catching our attention. “Wow, I wish it was abandoned”, that what I was thinking about. And in the end, it appeared to be so.

To get in

Hospital is situated just in front of Veneland in Marocco, Mogliano Veneto. The best way to get inside is from the back side. The fence from there is really easy to jump over. Though at the same time there is a parking place with lots of people. Try to slip through when nobody is watching.


We went to this place without any knowledge what is it, is there anything interesting inside? We came inside just being amazed by old church. In the end it turned out that we have visited the abandoned sport center, Ivo Lucon.

Just you and God

On the territory of sport center you can find several buildings, that were not signed that’s why we will try to define them by ourselves.

Three floors building with lots of rooms, probably here patients were placed. Inside completely nothing is left, just several pictures with dog or landscapes…

Except that there were two another small buildings, probably used for administrative purposes. Here as well nothing: just floors and windows.

In the end small old church was waiting for us. I was afraid that inside would be nothing, but luckily I was wrong. Inside we have found small altar, with prayer benches in front of it. Place absolutely authentic and nice to stay with your thoughts… but time was calling for us.

On our way back we went through the parade exit, worrying about locals passing by.


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