Colourful House in the Center of Moscow

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One day walking around the historical center of Moscow, I turned somewhere and have found three abandoned houses staying near. Two of them were closed but in one there was an opened window. Looked around – and then immediately went inside! Unfortunately, it wasn’t understandable, what for was this building used before, but inside I have found lots of interesting pictures on the walls.

PS: since the beginning of the summer they started to renovate this place, so it’s no more accesable.


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  1. Hi!
    Well I’ve try to go there today, but it’s now probably going to be reused and renovated because there are scaffoldings everywhere around the buildings.
    I took pictures if you are interested to update your article.
    Anyway, thanks for this blog because I also love abandoned places. Now that I’m a full time traveller I will be happy to catch some places you are describing.

    1. Hey, Lois! Yes, I know that now thet renovate this place, so I gonna update the article.
      Thank you very much for your comments, how long you gonna stay in Russia and what is next?
      Have a safe road!

      1. I’m going to cross all Russia till Vladivostok till the end of october 😀
        I’m now in St-Petersbourg and then I’ll go east slowly.

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