At the Time of URSS

On the destroyed walls, on the trimmed and collapsed columns, with time has gently descended a whole hill, defending with the pity of pines the stones saved by the fury of men.


The stadium is located in the center of Chişinău, easily visible from the street and hidden behind a walled graffiti perimeter. There are many entrances, you can sneak in even through a hole in the wall if you are small enough. What may be less in the eye is, just passing a bar near the tennis court, go through an opening into the net which bring you directly into the stadium.


Republican stadium was a “multi-functional” stadium. Mainly used for soccer matches, the stadium could accommodate up to 8,084 people. Opened in 1952, Zimbru and Dacia team matches were played in the stadium, in addition to the national football team and two Federations U.S. Football Cup finals. In 2007, the Republican Stadium was demolished because it did not meet FIFA and UEFA criteria to conduct international matches. In its place, it was thought to build another more modern stadium.


An easy entry as it is not the way to reach the stadium facade. Everywhere the flora has taken over, destroying and creeping into the cracks of what is left of the paved road. Behind the ground hill, some workers are engaged in a restoration work. I’m forced to take the secondary road through a small grove. Quietly between shrubs, under some branch and overcoming others, I come to the real stage.


To say the least beautiful outside, completely empty inside. Six columns divide five different sports disciplines, represented with coats of arms at the bottom beneath the windows. Two other coat-of arms for the other two disciplines (weight lifting and weight launching) are located in the two lateral parts respectively. The windows beside the floor are covered with vegetation, while the highest row has been almost completely destroyed by wind and rain.

“Citius !, Altius !, Fortius!” a voice in the distance echoes, carried by the wind of the past. Unfortunately no wind can live in this stadium anymore, destroyed by flames just two weeks after our exploration.

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