Behind the doors of a Psychiatric Hospital

The ideology that illustrates what is being done in the psychiatric institute as if it were designed to bring the patient back to the function is as old as the psychiatric institute


The psychiatric hospital Antonio Pancrazio is located in Morocco, between the municipalities of Venice and Mogliano Veneto, shortly after Veneland and Ivo Lucon. You can easily enter from a hole in the net. Urbex must be careful to not to enter in the part of the new pavilions of the psychiatric institute which is still operational.


Psychiatric hospital was built in 1898 by Antonio Pancrazio who was provincial deputy and the president of the management board at the Civil Hospital of Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice.

Hospital was working as a branch of Venetian central asylums of San Servolo and San Clemente. Here they sent patients who were defined as “being quiet and having chronic dementia”, as well as those who could work in the fields or manage simple tasks required in running the country farm. This way the hospital was able to carry out dual task: take care of sick patients and supply the psychiatric hospitals of the lagoon with some food products.

In 1978 hospital was suddenly closed, and its patients (108) were transferred to San Servolo hospital.


An empty institute, bare and resized by time and people. Many of the buildings were closed, walled up the doors and windows were laid out. Those few who have been left open are partly collapsed with walls and beams in a precarious balance. The building that houses the archives was closed and even the church. Walking through the paved roadway towards the “active” part of the pavilions, you will arrive to the storage room. Inside you can find Christmas decorations, cobblestones hanging on door jambs, sticks of all kinds, spits of pots and jars. From a warehouse door you can reach the inhabited side.

Throughout the journey I have never felt the overwhelming atmosphere and the dense air of melancholy. The place was not able to convey what the asylum of Granzette or that one of Aguscello managed to make me feel and try. Now that what you can visit is very little, and if you just want to, in a half hour / forty minutes you can explore the entire complex.

On our way back we go out again through the squatting of the net, worrying about locals passing by. Though it seemed like nobody cared about some escaped patients of a psychiatric home…


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