This is Halloween!

Today Stalker will introduce to you, dear friends and followers, the must top 5 places to visit during the night of Halloween. We are talking about some abandoned places that seriously will make you shit in your pants. We will come through BLACK MASSES, SATAN, GHOSTS, MASSACRES, TREMENDOUS MURDERS, ANY KIND OF TORTURES in which – for simplicity, or a sadistic love of the macabre – we prepared for you. Have (fun) and happy Halloween to everyone!!!

1. Chernobyl, Ukraine

Yes! The best place to celebrate this amazing holiday is of course – CHERNOBYL! 30 years ago there was an explosion here, and today there is a ghost-town with no one except some scary animals inside.

The best way to get there is in an illegal way, so you can fully feel this scary atmosphere!

2. Asylum of Granzette, Italy

The second place goes…to the asylum of GRANZETTE!  With its history and legends is surely the creepiest, the most appalling and fearsome place we have ever seen. You will find yourself inside another dimension, wrapped inside a velum of fog that will dampen your thoughts and will make you live what patients have lived all those years.

3. Asylum of Aguscello, Italy

Again asylum, again in Italy, but what we can do if the creepiest things are inside this country! Not so far away from Granzette we have the asylum of AGUSCELLO. This place is one of the most hunted in Italy and for this destination of many ghost hunters. Its legends about the atrocious crimes done against the poor and helpless children will make you shake all the bones of your body.

4. Anatomy University, Germany

Morgue, ghosts… it is all what you can find inside this creepy UNIVERSITY that is staying in front of working one. The most interesting part here is the cellar. Here you can find  some sinks, where organs were washed before preparation. After that there is a room with a huge thermal insulation door. Inside there is dissecting table in mint condition, and some fridges for three corpses. In other rooms you can find more fridges. We think it is the best place to celebrate Halloween.


5. Chicken Laboratory, Russia

Among all place we have visited in Russia we think THIS ONE is the best one for Halloween! Once they were making experiments on Chickens here, so now you can find here  two large cans with several mutants that resemble chickens….. Brrrr….

We hope that you likes our Top-5! Please write in comments where would you love to celebrate Halloween?

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