Korduanovo Church

In Kazakhstan you can find many ghost towns. About one such Soviet town Zhanatas, we told in our last article. But there are many other small towns, which are very old and about which practically nothing is known.

The name of the village of Korduan is mentioned in Internet just once, in connection with the name of the Holy Martyr Father Nicholas Zalessky.

In the village of Korduan, Father was sent to serve in 1917. There he appeared to be right in the epicenter of the battles between the White Army and the Bolsheviks. Despite the opportunity to leave, he, unlike many clerics, remained in his parish, continuing to serve and carry the flock of the word of Christ’s consolation.

In revolutionary times, Korduan belonged to the Krasnoyarsk district. Already in 1922 – the village of Korduan was withdrawn from the Astrakhan province. Now it was registered in the Dengiz district of the Guryevsky district of the Kazakh autonomous region.

The only thing left in this village now is the abandoned Korduanovo church.

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