Siberian Cold Wave

We move on …. and now the wind of the salty black sea brings us to the immobile calm lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world.

A thick crust of ice allows us to move around this huge lake without any fear. We cross the Baikal from shore to another and now we are on the shaman island named Khuzhir.

There are lots of Chinese here, if not – you could think that time has stopped. There is silence all around, interrupted only by the howling of the wind. We are happy, we really like here and want to stay longer. But it’s -42 outside and our frozen feet beg us to move on. (As well as our hands, that are frozen by taking pictures.)

We start to move and suddenly we find ourselves on the pier of Khuzhir. Around the pier we can see dozens of boats, abandoned for a long time. It seems that everyone have forgotten about them, if not one artist who painstakingly painted them in different colors, giving them a new life. Now everyone comes to them to take a photo.

Not far from the pier – an abandoned building of a factory power plant. About this building the artist also did not forget, having adding for him a couple of fish for the company. Inside – the walls burned by fire, all the windows inside are boarded up.

But completely frozen feet ask us to go further. We again pass Baikal from one shore to another.

Reflecting from the ice, the sun’s rays warm us. Now we are warm and feel good.

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