Cottage Fields

Abandoned cottages that emerge like moles from the ground, without life and without a future.


Hello everyone, today Stalker is located in Laos, to be precise in Van Vieng (called by many the second Pai for nightlife and fun that offers to young and old people, very similar to the small town in northern Thailand) .


The battery of abandoned cottages is located at the exit from Tham None Cave, shortly after crossing the bamboo bridge.


On my way back to Van Vieng I decide to opt for the asphalt road, leaving the difficult route through the rocks, the forest and the river.

Suddenly, as if they were coming out of the ground, I saw some cottages in the distance. I approach slowly, with the sun beating on my head, and my shoes still soaked with water.

The cottages are developed following a V, in a straight line and parallel to the road. They rise from the ground for 2 meters, through red concrete columns.

By accidentally in one of the latter, jumping from one step to the other and trying to avoid the hole in the middle of the staircase.

The wooden floor creaks under my every step, leaving me to think that at any moment I can see me fall down.

Inside I find some unused bulbs on the shelves and other dishes and flatware scattered around the floor.

In another smaller cottage I find leftovers and food and drink scraps: Laotian beer and alga-snack.

At the bottom of a house built with a different style from the other opens with a flooded floor in a few inches of water that almost enters inside my boots.

In the center, affixed in the wall, a kind of sculpture represents a woman with uncovered breasts, surrounded by lotus flowers.

In the middle of the two lines of cottages, near a tree, I find the temple of the spirits. Benign spirits, which in good and bad luck helped me to explore this abandoned place.

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