Donald Duck, Tom and Gerry Gang

The end of one story and the beginning of another one.


The former bar is located in Hoi An, Vietnam, near the Mina Le Villa hostel (the cheapest place to stay in this city). As soon as you cross the wooden bridge to reach the hostel you will find the abandoned place exactly on your right. There is no fence or gate, so you will not have any trouble visiting it.


It was used as a coffee-bar until just before our visit (it closed its doors three months ago because of the lack of the visitors). Now they are building a hotel in this place.


I was about to leave the beautiful historical city of Hoi An when at one point I came across this abandoned place.

I tiptoed, cleaning space for myself among the remains of palm leaves, straw and wood that cover the ground.

Very close to me I hear some music inviting me to go check and … ta-dah, here are the Disney characters dancing with some Japanese cartoon.

A soundtrack, it is Doraimon who pulls a flute out of his magic pocket and starts to play, Tom and Gerry chasing each other, Duffy Duck that laughs in the background, the Lion King and Shrek who are competing for those who make the roar harder. All under the watchful eye of Mary, Jesus and St. Joseph, or rather the Holy Family.


On the upper floor you can see just rubble and a clock painted in the wall. It almost seems that suddenly everything starts to come to life and the clock takes the flight, carried away by some swallows that hold the lancets with their beak.

The space in the bar looks like a small, messy cluster of objects in my eyes, just as if they had been partying at the project-X the night before. The glasses are scattered around the floor and on the piano bar there is a set of cups.

In the garden I find the rest of a small temple, while on the other side near the wall there is a head of the decapitated Buddha.

The fury unleashed by the storm has spared nothing and nobody.

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