Cu Chi, Restaurant of Vietcong

They only ate tapioca roots dipped in a bowl where they were minced and mixed with nuts, sugar and salt. This they eat every day until the point where they decided to open a restaurant near the iron triangle.


The abandoned place is only half a kilometer away from the entrance to the Cu Chi tunnels. Taking the road that starts from the pagoda and leads to the ticket office, you will see the restaurant on your right. You can enter it from the back.



One, two, three shots of Garand sanction my “admission ticket” in this abandoned restaurant. I open the door from the back, it is closed with a wire. Some machines, used to cook food in the past, today lie lifeless scattered throughout the room.

Then there are plates, cutlery, chopsticks, decorated cups and thermos. 

The empty stalls, without rice and without noodles, without voices and without soul. 

On the wooden shelf there are two little turtles to protect the place, guardians and protectors who fortunately left me free. 

Inside the room the suffocating heat does not leave me any respite, making me breathless.

So I decide to go out and take a breath of air, that gives me opportunity to observe some of the fruit trees that surround the property. Nearby there are some drink machines and other stalls.

At a certain point the need of drink some water is forcing me to leave this restaurant and look for a new one.


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