Abandoned SEA: Top Guide

There are so many places to visit in Southeast Asia – buddhist temples, palaces, old towns, mountains, waterfals. Maybe about some of them you already dream for a long time, some others you will meet during your journey accidentally. But we advise you to go out from the trodden path and explore wider this part of the world. How? Let’s visit abandoned places! These places for sure not many people visited so you will get here not just unique photos, but as well new feelings that no one before had.



The first place goes absolutely to the Hue’s Waterpark. Huge dragon, water roads, statues, and all these inside the beautiful park with the big lake. Birds are singing and you just need to go around and take beautiful pictures in this peaceful atmosphere.


The second place goes to Villa Thomas. It touched our hearts by its tree that is wrapping the villa all around in every its angle. It was something magical that we firstly thought it can’t be real. But it was!


But it’s time to add some joy to our list! Amusement park in Yangon, Myanmar, takes the third place in our top. There were so many attractions around that we didn’t know what to choose! Carrousels, roller coasters, bumper cars, and even Pirate ship – it’s all for you!



Don’t forget that countries of SEA are famous mostly for their beaches! So we will visit now one of the islands of Thailand – Koh Chang, where is located abandoned ship-hotel, and we will go to cruise! Luckily all the beds and stuff is still located inside this ship so we will not suffer any seasickness.


But in SEA you will not just rest and relax but as well learn tons of new information. In the city of Taungoo, Myanmar, we first for us opened out about the conflict between muslims and buddhists that exists in this country. Closed and as a concidence abandoned mosques are the indicator of that religion which won.


We will continue the educational thread of narration. The sixth place of our top-10 goes to an old town located in Bokor National Park. Earlier it was a place resort for the French Colonial elite, and today this place is quite famous among tourists from all over the world.


One of the places that we still can’t forget – is Forest Temple, that we found in Vang Vieng, Laos. Here, forgotten by everyone, seat four buddha statues, with a few concave plates beside them, usually used to collect offers or rice. Come to them open-minded and offer your urbex spirit to have an exchange one of the most enjoyable experience.  You will climb rocks with monkeys and snakes, jumping from one vine to another, immerse your soul in the deepest of the nature.


Is walking around abandoned places in SEA legal or illegal? Maybe it’s time to see how the prisons look like? You need to have a look around Female Prison that we have found in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Old barracs, surrounded by four walls with check-points – it’s all what is left from prison today. Tired after exploration, you can have a massage from the prisoners. Don’t forget to book the appointment long-before as many people dreams about such experience!


The ninth place we want to give to the abandoned place that some of you for sure heard before! The mall full of Goldfish…looks like a fairytale, right? But it was true untill the moment when the government decided to catch all fish and release them to other pools. The mall is located in Bangkok, Thailand.


We will move now to one of the most developed counties in SEA – Malaysia, and its beautiful city Georgetown. Unexpectedly for us it was full of different abandoned houses and hotels in chinese style, all closed and almost inaccessible.


Have you ever been to SEA and met some abandoned places? Maybe you want to add something in our list? Write to comments.

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