Behind Trakai Castle

Everyone comes to Trakai Island to see its beautiful medieval castle of 14th century, and I was one of them who came here. While going around the lake towards the main attraction my poor eyesight suddenly catches something special – an abandoned villa. And here real adventures start…


Abandoned sport center “Žalgiris” is located in Trakai island, that is 20 km away from the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. You can come here by bus thta departues each 1 hour, and ticket costs 2 euros one way. Center is located just in front of castle though on another island. You will not miss it anyway but in case check our map down page.


Trakai’s Zalgiris Rowing Sports Base was built in the mid-1980s. It was built in  the trends, fashions and values ​​of that time peculiar to Soviet traditions. Due to the unique shapes of the buildings, they were easily integrated into the natural surroundings of Lake Trakai.

Several years ago this territory was bought by one company that wanted to built here resort or luxurious apartments. Though because of its historical herritage, there are some disputes that are continuing till nowadays.


When I ask people around, what is there across the river, they tell me that it is abandoned sport center. I ask them if I can visit it, though everyone tells me that it is dangerous.

-Well, if it is dangerous, than I for sure should go there! I tell myself.

There is no fence around the area, so it is quite easy to get inside. I see some workers on the territory though they don’t tell me anything and just smile.

I enjoy the view of the castle from here. Castle, that is no more worth to visit for me…

There are four blocks located here, inside – as always nothing. And there is as well abandoned villa. There was no way to get inside it, as all the possible entrances were locked and as well there were some cameras, looking from up. So I just went around villa, and enjoyed one more time the beautiful view around.

Yeah, it is just ruins, but this place is worth to visit as it tells us more about Soviet architecture popular at that time and gives a magical view on the castle, I tell to myself.

After that I went back to road to see one more abandoned beauty in Lithuania – abandoned amusement park In Elektrenai.

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