Abandoned Tula Region: Guide

I never ever looked to Tula region as on interesting place where I should go. For me Tula was always connected just with pryaniki (Russian gingerbread cookies) or samovar (kettle for tea). This summer my mind changed and I opened out how much interesting and various this region can be.

The exploration didn’t finish, I will for sure visit this region many more times! And here I share with you my most favorite places. Enjoy!

I. I want to start from best of the best: abandoned swimming-pool with Venetian cupola. Everything is illuminated and you stay inside the place without any words, shocked and amazed. This place is really in the middle of nowhere and it adds some more emotions.

Coordinates: 53.886802, 38.091906.

II. The second place goes to Theological Agricultural College, as it is almost the first time when I see something left inside abandoned place in Russia. Many studying objects, statue of Lenin, posters – paradise!

Coordinates: 54.769346, 38.000848.

III. Another place I really liked is this train station Rurikovo. To reach it I needed to walk quite a lot through some grass and bushes. How such places can be forgotten? This station is made in the “pseudo-Russian style”, as the GUM or the Historical Museum in Moscow.

Coordinates: 54.453795, 37.179099.

IV + V. I like abandoned churches too much due to their unique atmosphere, that is much better than in operating churches. If you believe in God, here you can be much closer to him. In Tula region I found 2 abandoned churches, though there are much more and I will mention them in the end of the article.

One church I liked due to it cross-shaped window, and another – for saved frescoes and paintings.

Coordinates: 54.542475,37.895328 + 54.460209, 37.856760.

VI. The last place goes to Kolosovo castle, that is almost all destroyed. But… just a bit of imagination and everything is alive again! Just make your brain work! 🙂

Coordinates: 54.545988, 37.066248.


As I said before I didn’t visit everything that I want. Here I share with you some places that I am interested at.


-Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin, 1899, Gorshkovo (54.435278, 37.988852);

-Church of the Nativity, 1912-1916, Mokruy Kor (54.571483, 37.967099);

-Church of St. John the Evangelist, 1911, Bogoslovskoe (54.770493, 37.997771);

-Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, 1905, Kaverino (54.71359, 37.76512);

-Chapel of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God, 1867, Dmitrievskoe (54.667729,37.627777);

-Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, 1817, Turino (54.586494, 37.521881);

-Spasskaya Church, 1790-1863, Aksin’ino (54.505357, 38.349924);

– Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1864, Pirogovo (53.768979, 37.644300);

-Spasskaya Church – Church of the Savior of the Miraculous Image, 1801, Kamenka (53.958850, 37.012692);

-Church in honor of the Epiphany of the Lord, 1728, Krasnoe (53.792573, 37.263616);

-Uspenskaya Church, 1877-1884, Luzhni (53.341208, 37.027634);

– Church of the Holy Trinity, 1850-1893, Ivrovka (54.151475, 37.962143);

-Temple in the name of the Trinity of Life-Giving, ser. 19th century, Chornuy Verch (53.665938, 36.705415).


-Manor von Mecca, XVII c. (54.393524, 38.223451);

-Air Defense Aviation Base Aerodrome (53.121501, 38.244703);

-Summer camp “Romashka” (53.191732, 38.546442).

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  • I m finally finding some time to look through your posts. The Venetian glass-topped swimming pool is so beautiful, well everything is really, and I could imagine spending time in there listening to my feelings. Congratulations for so much exploring and sharing them with us.

    • Thank you dear Jeni! Yeah they all are quite amazing and you can spend days there inside, being so much inspired with all that beauty that now stay abandoned…

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