Church of the Resurrection

On the way back home I suddenly see something beautifully abandoned and I decide to leave the car. I have the special interest to old Russian forgotten churches, and I want to explore.


The Resurrection Church is located in the village Ogarkovo, Yaroslavl region. It is in the middle of cemetery, quite easy accessible.


The Resurrection Church was built in 1799 by the parishioners. There was a stone building with the same bell tower, it had three thrones in it: in the cold church (in the name of the Resurrection of Christ), in the warm church (in the name of the Protection of the Virgin), and in the name of the Mother of God of Rome. It had two chapels: stone in the church fence and wooden in the village of Dymovsky.

At the end of 1930, the Resurrection Church was closed. To this day, the church building has been preserved in ruined condition. In the old cemetery, among thickets of shrubs and grass, you can find tombstones of representatives of the famous princely family of Ukhtomsky.

There are some beautiful frescoes left inside on the divine theme. I liked here.

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