Tesla Towers

This place was supposed to become a center of Russian science. Here could be made one lightning compared to all power plants in the country. Though how it is now? Completely abandoned.


Tesla Towers are located in Istra Region, not far from Moscow. The place is guarded, and to come in you need to give money for “a food for dog of guardian” (which means – for vodka for guardian). Some people come here through the holes in the fence, though as long as we were with our dogs, we didn’t dare to risk.


These Towers are in real electropolygon, which was created as a universal research complex for testing and researching technical objects for resistance to pulsed electromagnetic fields of natural and artificial origin in the 1970s. Full name: Test Stands of the High Voltage Research Center of the Russian Electrotechnical Institute.

In recent years, the researchers of the center have made extremely rare inclusions of the installation, because of high cost of energy required to generate a high-voltage pulse. So the science center is almost completely abandoned.

An anomalous spark discharge 150 meters long was obtained with this generator. A methodology for testing airplanes for lightning protection has been developed and experimentally substantiated, which brings the tests closer to the full-scale effects of lightning and increases the reliability of the results. The object is unique and unparalleled in the world. The huge tower generates an electrical current of nine billion volts.

The voltage at this facility is comparable to the one-second generation of all power plants in the Russia. But here everything happens instantly and at one point.

You can see on the video the moment of creating artificial lightning.

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