Old Aerodrome

Abandoned planes with no history and no name.



There are two aerodromes on the mountain Klementyev. This one is located closer to “Starfall of Memories”. It is fenced and guarded. Though when we were there, it was used by parachutists, who were jumping from the plane. That’s why we could easy get in. Maybe when there are no parachutists, you can’t get inside. I don’t know.


There was one plane “AN-2” on the aerodrome, and another one – in the sky. It looks like abandoned, though in real it is not.

Overall, Mount Klementyev is one of the best places for “flying” in Crimea. Over the picturesque slopes of this ridge, the wind forms air currents that allow gliders to soar for several hours in a row. There is only one other mountain in the world with similar conditions – Harris Hill in the USA. That’s why parachutists choose this place.

In one of the hangar we have found three abandoned planes. Why are they there, for what they were used for, and when became abandoned? I couldn’t find such history in the internet.

There were some paintings on them, and in one you could get in.

If you would like to take a look at another much larger cemetery stocked with abandoned aircraft in Russia (not far from Moscow), then you are invited to read our article on the Central Museum of the Russian Federation of Air Forces.

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