Hidden Parts of Submarine Museum

Everyone one today knows about Former underground submarine base in Balaklava, or Object 825 GTS (GTS or City Telephone Station – it’s secret name in the times of Cold War). Though not many people even locals know about some abandoned parts of this place, hidden somewhere near.


There are two so called ‘space’ that are not connected with each other or with submarine museum. I will mark both of them on the map in the end of the article.

In both of them you can get easily. Though in the first it could be hard to get to overweight people as the entrance is really tight. In the second one – all types of people can get easy.


Object 825 GTS was built in 1957-1961. It is currently the largest of all declassified military installations. It is a first category anti-nuclear protection structure capable of protecting against a direct hit from a 100 Kiloton atomic bomb, including a combined underground water canal with a dry dock, repair shops, fuel depots, and a mine and torpedo unit.

It is located in Mount Tavros, on both sides of which there are two exits. From the side of the bay – the entrance to the canal (adit). If necessary, it was blocked by a batoport, the weight of which reached 150 tons. To get out into the open sea, an outlet was equipped on the northern side of the mountain, which was also blocked by a bathoport. Both holes in the rock were skillfully closed with camouflage devices and nets. In the case of a direct nuclear strike, the plant was able to hermetically close with automatic doors, and exist autonomously for 3 years, while accommodating the entire population of Balaklava (currently 50 thousand of people).

This enterprise had its own bakery, warehouses for storing food, fuel, a hospital. The combined underground water channel could accommodate up to nine submarines and, if necessary, repair them. Its depth reaches 8 meters, width – from 8 to 12 m, and the height of the channel arch – 18 meters. The total area of ​​all premises and passages of the plant is 5100 sq. m, the water surface under the ground – 3 thousand square meters. m. The length of the canal is 380 meters, the length of the dock is 110 meters.

The last Russian submarine left Balaklava in March 1995. Both the city, and the port, and the entire harbor were completely transferred to the jurisdiction of Ukraine. The underground complex was decommissioned and handed over to local authorities.

Now part of the plant is the Balaklava Naval Museum Complex (Cold War Museum).


Firstly we visit energy block. We need to climb on the second floor by wooden plank. It is quite hard though together we can deal with it.

The most interesting part here is a huuuuuge container where diesel fuel was stored. It is the size of a football field. Big concerts could be done here. Though nothing.

Second part of object is located down the disguised house. To get down you need to climb though here it is easier than in previous place. There are protrusions where you can put feet.

Here shells were stored, and there is narrow gauge by which they were transported.

On the map

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