A puzzle to shape

The mountain between alienation, abandonment and depopulation…


A hamlet in the mountains

The abandoned house is located in a small mountain village in the province of Belluno. Access is through a hole in the entrance door on the right side of the building.


Once inside we found ourselves in the kitchen, in a huddle of dusty utensils, expired food and upside-down furniture.

Lost documents and photographs

At first glance it didn’t look very promising, but as we continued exploring we had to change our minds.
From room to room there were many personal items: documents, letters and photographs. It almost seemed as if the owner had left the house to go shopping, only to never return. A destiny that got lost in the echo of the mountains.

A passion for motorbikes

Thanks to the calendar and dates found in some bills, it was discovered that the landlord had left the property in 2007. He most likely lived alone, with a special passion and bond for motorbikes.
Bright colours and decorative elements are among the many special features of the house, but the real stars were the paintings of Van Gogh’s most famous works, which dotted the walls of the living room.

This was followed by various puzzles in every corner of the house, accompanied by models of spaceships, African natives and warriors, music CDs and many other objects from everyday life. The house with a still well cleaned bathroom and a wooden floor, stairs and ceiling could very well be restored and start living again.

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