Villa Ventura

A fusion of Art Nouveau, Neo-Gothic, Eclectic and Neo-Renaissance styles, a villa more reminiscent of a Masonic place of worship than a residential building.

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The Capuchin nunnery

A treasure trove of art, traditions, textile craftsmanship and popular faith, and a testimony to this country town’s privileged link with Venice.

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Church of the Savior of the Miraculous Image

What is more miraculous for you the place itself or the road to it? You can never know if the place will still be there when you arrive, how will be the road and what expects you there? This our trip was as well completely unpredictable… Continue reading “Church of the Savior of the Miraculous Image”

Church of the Resurrection

On the way back home I suddenly see something beautifully abandoned and I decide to leave the car. I have the special interest to old Russian forgotten churches, and I want to explore. Continue reading “Church of the Resurrection”

Seminar of Tencarola

A private and intimate “tu per tu” with a skeleton of the past takes us into the greyer and more hidden meanders and corridors of the province of Padua.

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Santa Pulcheria

Exhumed from the Priscilla catacombs, the relics of an Empress of the Orient still lie intact inside this abandoned villa.

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