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Hey you! Our project is growing and developing, and we are pleased to invite you to become participants of Stalker!

We want to not only share our travel observations with you. We want to share our adventures with you. Now it’s possible: we organize tours to abandoned places and invite you to join! During the trip you will see abandoned places and you will feel the unique atmosphere.

As long as Jacopo is in France, and Nastia is in Russia, we wanna lanch tours in these 2 countries. In Russia Nastia will take you on her Niva around nearest to Moscow abandoned places. It is a great opportunity to see real Russia. Jacopo will take you around Paris, and show some hidden treasures.

These are not just excursions with a tired guide. We want to show you something from what our eyes are burning. Join us, invite your friends to us. Together is more fun!

To join some of the tours of to get some more information – write here:

Nearest tours:

  • 7-10.03, Murmansk, Russia – we will see the cemetery of abandoned ships + some naval bases
  • 14-15.03, Jaroslavl Region, Russia, some abandoned churches.

  • Joachim Kroll Manor (Date yet to be defined)
  • Le sanatorium delirium (Date yet to be defined)
  • Sanatorium des Bas-Buissons (Date yet to be defined)
  • Sanatorium van Angicourt (Date yet to be defined)

Past tours:

  • 22.02, Uljanovsk, Russia, Persi-French Villa.

  • 16.02, Paris, France, The castle of mirrors.

  • 29.02, Nikola Lenivets, Russia, Church of the Trinity

  • 29.02, Paris, France, Villa Bella Kiss.