Club Tollhaus

This can happen just in Berlin: you run towards one abandoned place and then suddenly on your way you bump to another one, and then to another one and so on ad infinitum. As well this time when I was going to see an abandoned swimming pool, I suddenly saw this abandoned club. No one seemed to look that way more, so just for me it was a real treasure…


Club Tollhaus is located not far from BVG-Stadion and Freibad Lichtenberg. I went there by bike but you can as well use a tram. Get the 16 or M6 to the Genslerstraße stop on Landsberger Allee dnd walk down Siegfriedstraße where you will easily see the club. It’s quite easy to get inside, just go it around and see the hole where you can sneak in.


As we opened out, the place became abandoned in 2010, though most of the posters around were from old times – 1990s.

This place had a swimming area and it used to have pool parties. Many oktoberfests, schlager-karaoke, erotic parties took place here. No one could answer why this place stopped to exist?..


I feel scared when I come inside this place. In Russia many drunk people would still hang out inside…but suddenly here everything is silent.

-Maybe there is a trick and they are just waiting for me somewhere? When I will come to point from where there won’t be any exit? I ask myself.

There is no one. No one can even advice to me to take some Berliner Weiße (beer), as there are just bottles of vodka scattered around. I take a sip inside my head to become more brave and continue my exploration…

Honestly this place is nothing of special, there is no great history behind and nothing of stuff left inside. But it gives me thoughts, it gives me special sensations and I stay here for a while.

I have never in real been to clubs, so this one is my first one. I seat inside behind bar counter and imagine how it was 8 years ago… How much happiness, relax, drunkenness, vulgar things saw this place? And now it stays calm, and no one even looks here…

Thanks to such people as us this place will never be forgotten.

And I did all my stuff and already ready to go further to see what is waiting me next in this beautiful Berlin!

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