Typical Assamese House

Wandering around Guwahati, and walking along the shore of one of the largest rivers in Asia, to my surprise I happen near a temple that at first sight seems very special and completely non-touristy.



The abandoned house is located in the northern part of Guwahati, next to where the ferry is located. Nearby there will be Shri Shri Aswaklanta Temple that stands on a hill. If you go behind the hill you will also find the cottage.


A typical Assam house, both in color and in structure. In search of a hidden and isolated place where I could escape from the city noise, I came across casually in this farmhouse that shows a clear state of abandonment. Walking a little among the vegetation I reach the two doors left open.

I walk into it while the dim light of the day is filtered through the window railings. Inside I find only a small temple dedicated to prayers and terracotta candle holders.  The floor is covered with a light layer of dust and earth, and at my every step I hear the flies rising from the ground.

The vegetation has not yet taken over completely, but it is possible to notice a certain approaching of some climbing plants in the south side. The room to the side is empty of everything, completely bare. Also this time luck gave me his hand, and showed the only abandoned place I could find in the entire region of Assam.

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