Goziyon Madrassas

Madrasa Goziyon

Bukhara, a city steeped in history and architectural wonders, has long been a tapestry of cultural heritage. Among its hidden gems lies the enigmatic tale of Goziyon, a sprawling complex that once thrived as a bastion of education and faith. Standing proudly are the remnants of the grand Goziyon madrassas and towering guldast towers, forming an intricate link to the past that beckons exploration.

Madrasa Goziyon
Madrasa Goziyon

Guardians of Faith Through Time

Translated as “Fighters for Faith,” the Goziyon madrassas and their imposing guldast-towers emerge from the annals of history as a testament to Bukhara’s grandeur. Dating back to the 15th century, these structures served as the epicentre of a compact region between the illustrious Ark and the Jewish Quarter.

Whispers of Glory and Neglect

The forecourt of the madrassas bustles with life, albeit veiled in a shroud of dust and abandonment. While the ravages of time have weathered the aivan, a once majestic space that Soviet restoration efforts have yet to caress, its allure remains unspoiled. Despite its allure, the medrese stands in forsaken solitude, now utilized by the local mahalla residents for their diverse needs.

Echoes of Learning and Reverence

Named after the historic residential expanse it graces, Goziyon, or “faith defenders,” is a testament to Bukhara’s dedication to education. A venerable hub of Muslim learning before the Soviet era, Goziyon boasted an array of madrasas that illuminated the minds of generations until the tumultuous Russian Revolution of 1917. Notably, the grand Mullo Mukhammad-Sharif madrasah, an emblem of education in the early 19th century, now remains lost to time.

A Forgotten Ensemble

Of the once vibrant “kosh” ensemble, a distinctive architectural arrangement characteristic of Bukhara, the Goziyon-i Kalon, or Great Goziyon, madrasah stands as an enduring sentinel. Facing its counterpart, the Goziyon-i Hurd Madrasah, these structures served as dormitories – a reminder of a time when lecture halls were a rarity, much like the famed Nadir Divan-Begi Madrasah.

Whispers of Chubin and Imom Gozi

The echoes of history resound through the name “Chubin” – a once-standing edifice that bordered the Mullo Mukhammad-Sharif madrasah. Carved from wood and now lost to time, it bore the nickname “chubin” to signify its wooden essence. Another modest madrasah shared its fate, belonging to the revered Goziyon residential expanse.

Imom Gozi: Faith’s Unwavering Guardian

Deep within the heart of the Goziyon complex rests a hallowed site – the final resting place of Imom Gozi, a devout guardian of the faith. Distinct from Imam Al-Gazali, Imom Gozi stands honoured among the “forty-four martyrs of the faith.” Bukhara’s lore narrates their internment across the landscape, spanning the realm between Karshi and Karakul gates.

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