Club Galaktika

And the waves of the sea brought us into the abyss of a new abandoned galaxy.


The abandoned disco is located in the seaside resort of Foros, in Crimea. Just before you go down the stairs that will lead you to the sea, on your left you will find the club “Галактика”. It is possible to enter the building from a window left open in the front yard.



Our exploration was as fast as it was exciting. We enter from the window making the least effort, without being worried of being discovered by someone because the area is practically deserted.

The interiors are mainly divided into three rooms: a ballroom, a lobby with a counter for drinks and a room for bathrooms and offices.

In the ballroom there is the stage with some tables and chairs on top, probably used by someone as a place to drink or have a snack. We find photos and posters of various kinds that depict bands of the 70s, scattered in the floor, others attached to the walls.

In the lobby, in the counter there are some bottles abandoned above (in Russia there is no place where someone has not gone for a drink). The bright red and purple colors of the walls are in contrast with the white and pink ceiling.

In the last room we come to the real dirt, with toilets full of excrement and newspapers used as toilet paper. At the center of it is a pool table, covered with papers and magazines.

Today we conclude our exploration here, waiting for our next abandoned place in this beautiful peninsula of Russia.

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