Let’s Fly to Irkutsk?

Visiting abandoned places in -30 probably is not the best idea? But this is our first time in Siberia, and who knows when will be the second time? Today, Stalker visits the abandoned buildings of the aviation school in Irkutsk – join us!

Let us introduce the place firstly: in front of us is the Irkutsk Higher Military Aviation Engineering School, founded in the 1931. Over the course of time, more than 60,000 aviation specialists were trained here. In 2009, it was decided to close the school, and transfer all cadets to the Military Aviation Engineering University in Voronezh.

Already in 2015, the Ministry of Defense transferred the building to the ownership of the Irkutsk region, but the land under the buildings remained the property of the ministry. This inhibits any construction process, so the question with this abandoned building has been hanging in the air for years now.

We start our exploration, half-buried in the snow. We try unsuccessfully to find the entrance to the building, on the one hand we are guarded with an evil dog and security, on the other – there is a fence. But we are lucky and we find a window through which we can easily get inside.

The buildings stand without roof, and in many places the floor has rotted, so you have to move carefully. Inside, there is nothing left – we already know that this is typical for every abandoned place in the former USSR countries.

In this building, fires have repeatedly occurred, this can be judged by looking at the charred walls. In the last fire in 2017 the monastery of Dmitry Donskoy suffered. Witnesses managed to save icons and altar. Now here you can find church literature, books, as well as a burnt piano.

Interest in this cast is the former club, where you can still find the elements of the mosaic, as well as the beautiful front door.

At the exit there are some elements of the models of aircraft, but you can not approach them – here there is an evil dog and security waiting for you.

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