Mekong Watchtower

Step by step I climb the rusty stairs without any protection, hoping to reach the top as soon as possible.


The observation tower is located at the beginning of Kituna Bridge, on the opposite side of the city of Kampong Cham, Cambodia.

You can reach the top of the tower through the internal staircase, paying close attention to where you put your feet. There is no guard tower personnel, only some inhabitants of the area who do not care about curious tourists.

!! Beware that the steel stairs have no protection !!


The tower was built by the French in the early twentieth century guarding the river against possible invaders and to monitor the naval traffic (pirates and so on).


The so-called French tower hides behind a wall of palm trees and some sand dunes. Nearby a cow watch me enter inside the tower.

Within, I move my head upward, I go out. I ask a lady who is not far away perched in a hammock if it is possible to enter. In return she moves her hand as if she wanted to send me away.

I enter inside one more time, quietly. I start to climb and first of all test the solidity of the stairs. One, two, three steps and I arrive to the first shelf. Under the sole of the shoes the rust, in my hand cobwebs, over the head some pieces of plaster.

I cling to the little handrail that exists and as if I were about to climb the rock, I move in a tactical way, with the least expenditure of energy.

I arrive at the top after about ten minutes. Twenty meters high I go out through a small door that takes me to the guard post. On one side the road that leads to Kratie, another that follows the Mekong, another that returns to Phnom Penh.

Next I will choose the first, which will take me to the north, to the land of the temples and beyond …

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