Owl’s House

Suddenly I saw majestic barn owl of other times; leaping and shaking his wings he hovered in the air, pointing in the opposite direction to mine.


Today Stalker is located in Thaton, Burma. The abandoned building is positioned next to the KBZ bank, a hundred yards from the Shwe Sar Yan pagoda.

To get in, it will be easier to ask to the nearby hardware store to let you pass through their yard.

!! Attention because the roof, the floor at the first and second floor are partially collapsed !!!


Exhausted from the road that leads from Thailand to Yangoon, we stop exactly halfway in the city of Thaton.

After making a jump in the Pagoda and having made some purchases in the local market, we head to the bank to withdraw some money. At that moment here is this beautiful house in British colonial style.

We are looking for an entry that is not in sight and that’s how we come into a hardware store.

“Sorry, might we use your courtyard in order to reach the house behind yours?” we ask to the shop assistants.

Not understanding English, with gestures we make them understand that we want to visit this abandoned house.

A few seconds later I find myself in its backyard, in the midst of brambles, roses and anything else that sticks with its thorns to my legs and does not want to let me go.

The back door is open and the roof partially collapsed. The interior is completely empty, with the floor totally missing.

To move I have to go from beam to beam, walking poised and jumping to reach the first step of the stairs.

Even the latter are shabby, precarious and lacking of some steps. Slowly I move to the first and last floor of the house.

Arrived at the last step I am not very confident in leaving it and venturing into this attic.

As if I were inside a colander, I avoid a few holes and reach the next room where a noise of flapping wings makes my ears stand up. My eyes see something hovering in the air and immediately perceive its greatness.

“A Columbus can not be, then? …” I say to myself.

Suddenly it comes out of the door in front of me, entering the next room.

I follow the guide bird that turns out to be a barn owl. With his eyes full of fear he stares at me from the beam at the top. Not knowing where to go, he flies from room to room clinging to the window grilles. The only way out for him is the lower floor from where he probably entered.

Clinging with the claws to the grating, he looks in vain for an escape route. His yellow eyes shine in contrast with the green window.

I am going to leave the house, apologizing for having disturbed the guardian of the place.

Returning to my steps I distinguish some feathers of the bird, scattered on the ground floor, next to the front door. My greetings, then I disappear in the dazzling light of midday.

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