City Hotel Siem Reap

It is our penultimate day in Cambodia… While looking for a convenient spot from where to start hitchhiking towards Thailand, we come across this gigantic abandoned hotel.


The City Royal hotel is on the side of the NR6, not far from the center of Siem Reap. The accesses to the hotel are completely sealed and at the back of the hotel, where the pool was once located, a guardian stop everyone. For this reason, unless you want to break some windows, direct access to the hotel will not be possible in any way.


Before immersing myself deeply in exploration, I set myself a certain time limit.

“30 minutes maximum, then you have to go”, I agree with myself.

Two Singha (lion in the Thai language) welcome me almost to the extreme of my strength, when the sun is higher and its rays are more penetrating. I approach the front door, sealed with a padlock and an iron bolt. Through the window covered with a thin layer of sticky dust, I can see some furniture and some boxes.

Walking around the hotel I come across the swimming pool and a person who, lying and half asleep on a small wooden deck chair, does not seem to have noticed me. I continue to explore indifferently, trying to make as little noise as possible. In the meantime, I examine every possible window and door to look for a possible entry.

Also in the back everything is closed and in some parts even walled up. On the right front side where there are the bathrooms, I find a light on, clothes hanging on the clothesline and other deck chairs.

On this side instead I can admire the interiors of what used to be the kitchen.

I go back stopping only once, trying in vain to force a wooden door. Unfortunately this exploration was a failure, also because of the “time limit” that I placed at the beginning. I get back on the road ready to return to Thailand.

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