Let’s Rehabilitate the Institution

Once the institution was helping patients, nowadays the role is inverted…


The Villa Rosa rehabilitation hospital is located in Pergine Valsugana, a few kilometers from Trento. The latter is located upstream of the “Maso grillo”, on the hill of the «Zucàr», at the point where the Fersina stream flows in the terminal stretch of the Alta Valsugana.


Villa Dalla Rosa (formerly Villa Giulia) was erected in 1912 by the eclectic builder and architect Eduino Maoro originally from Brazzaniga, commissioned by the Marquis Vittorio Napoleone Dallarosa.

During the First World War it was used as an Austro-Hungarian military command and important logistic support for the underlying airport at Cirè for the Imperial Regia aviation. Already convalescent since 1956 as a re-educational center of Inail, then, since April 1972 as an autonomous hospital specialized in motulesi and neurolesi, it is finally passed to the health company.

For years the health facility has been abandoned to its destiny, after the inauguration of the new “Villa Rosa” rehabilitation center on 20 July 2013 near the former psychiatric hospital.


A hospital like that catches anyone’s eye. Although the signs are completely absent and the vegetation has partly covered this architectural heritage, the inhabitants of the place have not forgotten.

The noble dining room, the waiting room with antique wooden floor, the church and long walks in the park. All this still remains in Perginesi memories, the only ones to fight to save Villa Rosa.

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