Pillar of Mahendra

Wandering in the less touristy part of the religious site of Lumbini I find myself in front of a bitten and grabbed pillar of the grass.


The Mahendra pillar is located south of the Lumbini site. You will find it marked in the application of Maps.me as Mahendra Pillar.


After a sleepless night spent in a tent at the gates of the site to suffer the terrible Nepalese heat, I wake up early in the morning to venture into the meanders of Lumbini.

Lumbini, or where Gautama Buddha was born, is a very tourist site, and it is easy to meet visitors from anywhere in the world. Asocial as I am, I immediately head in the opposite direction to the flow of tourists, and I dive into the forest. After coming across a pack of monkeys, and following a path in the middle of the grass, I arrive in front of a lake. Shortly after, on the right, I see the column. I approach and I see that the pitch where the column stands is left to the weather and without any care. All around stone benches.

I see some writings in Pahari that though, not knowing the language, I can’t decipher.

I take the two steps to get off the platform and return to my tour of the Lumbini site.


On the map:

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