Parampura Garden

After being attacked by a great uneasiness due to my first contact with India, I decide to stop at an OYO hotel in the Chhasttisgarh capital.


The abandoned / restored hotel is located within the garden of the OYO “Parampura Garden” hotel. Whether you are a guest or not, it does not matter. You will simply have to go through the hotel entrance gate and as if nothing happened visit the inside of the garden.


In 10 minutes you will be able to get an idea of what the hotel is “trying” to rebuild. Chairs, signs and posters are scattered everywhere in the warehouses. On the opposite side of the hotel, on the ground floor (the servants live on the first floor) you will find only that much dust and salt completely empty.

A kind of stage is found in the center, now in decline with the color falling to pieces.

For the bravest, wait for a visit to the hotel of which I absolutely do not recommend the stay.

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