Wagon Cemetery

In the time of pandemic everything becomes abandoned, and in old wagons of trains new meaning appears…


The cemetery of wagons is located in Ulyanovsk, Russia, not far from the river Sviyaga. There are no fences, and I didn’t see any guardian, though maybe he was.


The “cemetery” is located near some residential buildings, but I didn’t see people. The atmosphere is right – no one, even people from Ulyanovsk know about this place, and I feel like explorer together with my dog who is happy to sniff all the new smells around.

I try to make a good photo of my dog inside of one of the wagons, though she appeared to be so heavy…that it was quite a hard task:D. Okay she is up, photo is made, and how to take her back down?.. But we could solve this problem as well!

Inside wagons there is nothing just trash. We could see maybe around ten wagons, though before there were more.

On the map

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