The Kārzdaba Orthodox Church

Kārzdabas pareizticīgo baznīca - abandoned church in Latvia

The Kārzdaba Orthodox Church is a Latvian Orthodox church built in 1875, located in Kārzdaba, Cesvaine parish, Madona municipality.

Kārzdabas pareizticīgo baznīca - abandoned church in Latvia

Historical Significance of Kārzdaba: A Hub of Orthodoxy

Kārzdaba is a crown manor, an important centre of Orthodoxy in the region with a church, a parish school and two primary schools. The parish was founded in 1846 and still had about 2,000 members in 1932. The architect of the church is Robert Pflug, author of the Riga Nativity Cathedral. During the years of occupation, the parish was slowly abandoned.

Neglect and Decay: The Fate of Kārzdaba Church Today

Today, the church lies in a state of disrepair and disuse. The wooden floors and roof are in an advanced state of deterioration, almost collapsing, limiting the passage only to the ground floor. Remnant portions of the ceiling, walls and altar stand as mute reminders of its past.

Kinder Cemetery

At 100 metres from the church is the Children’s Cemetery, dating back to 1876 and covering an area of 12 hectares. Originally, orphaned children from a nearby manor house were buried here, hence the name of the cemetery. It is the largest cemetery in the district and many famous local people are buried here. The grave of the writer August Saulietis (1869-1933) and a memorial sculpture of Kārlis Jansons (1869-1986) can be found here.

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