Ruins from Vietnam

In the middle of the forest of Vietnam this small blue wreck comes out, without a soul and with only one plant to hold its walls.


We are in the north of Vietnam, precisely in the province of Quang Bing, a few kilometers from the town of Phong Nha.

The road to reach this small wreck is only one, the one that leads from Phong Nha to the botanical garden. After two / three kilometers to your left you will notice the house.

!Attention! You will have to pass over the barbed wire to reach the house!


When everyone goes by scooter, I decided to take it easy and make the 10 km that separate me from the city to the botanical garden by foot.

Just before turning left to go and visit the almost wild nature reserve (“almost” because someone has previously entered to explore it), I see a blue access in the middle of the green vegetation.

I stop for a few seconds, I extend my eye to check that I’m alone and then I leave.

Here I am trying to switch between three rows of barbed wire, with the accuracy of not damaging my clothes in any way. Twenty seconds and I’m inside.

The plant that grows luxuriant on the protrusion of the roof, the only one still stable, moves its leaves to the rhythm of the wind. All around grow other plants but never reach the height and the importance that has conquered the first.

Of the house itself there is not much left but the four walls, the two empty rooms and the floor of broken tiles.


The blue of the house has faded from the humidity, from the continuous rains and the sunlight, while the plants around it draw energy and grow luxuriantly, reappropriating what they had previously lost.

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