Closet of Wonders

The cloak, the flag and even the monk’s robe … all inside the closet of wonders!


Our little magical place is only a few kilometers from Hue, in the suburbs that lead to the highway 1A – AH1.

I managed to get in thanks to the help of an inhabitant of the area who simply let me free enter removing the wire that blocked the entrance.


Formerly used as a meeting and association center for those who practice Kayak (see red banner), it is now used exclusively as a storeroom by the monks of the nearby temple.


As soon as I woke up (6 am), after spending the night in a tent in a nearby temple, I rush towards the center of Hue.

After passing the wooden bridge, I notice a house on my left that immediately attracts my attention. In front there is a kind of wooden canoe, multicolored but without the oars. Going around I can not find a possible entry except when I go to ask a young guy in the area.

Thanks to the offline translator I can make him understand that I would like to visit this house, and so he immediately try to open me the door. He removes the wire that blocks it and I’m inside.

A single room, with two wardrobes and two trunks filled to the brim with clothes and tunics. On the wall a red banner with a yellow inscription reads: long life to the socialist republic of Vietnam!

In a corner, hidden by dust, a speaker and a chest, used to reach as many people as possible with their message.

Now under centimeters of dust lie only words and images of some past regattas.

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