Around Bagan

The worst train ride in our life takes us to Bagan, the old capital of some ancient kingdoms of Burma. After spending an almost sleepless night in the vicinity of the train station, to avoid paying the $30 ticket in order to enter the city, we ask a lift to a family that takes us directly to the city center. They will leave us in front of a small abandoned motel…


The abandoned hotel is located on one of the main streets (Kayay St), on the opposite side of a restaurant. Contrary to the archaeological site of Bagan, to visit the abandoned hotel you will not need to pay any ticket or even hide in the back of a car.


A solo exploration, again quite quick and painless.

Just before lunch, I dedicate a few dozen minutes to this series of rooms, each of them abandoned and left open. Some still have the skeletons of the beds and the curtains, in others only the dust, some bottles of alcohol and the carpet still stained with beer. A room, on the other hand, is used as a warehouse, with shoes, hangers and other boxes containing clothes of any kind. In the central room, locked and with barred doors, I can glimpse through the stained glass windows the keys to some rooms and other objects.

Not far from the entrance a toy Pikachu lies almost submerged by pine needles.

After explorayion I return to the restaurant where a lentil soup is already ready to refresh me before going to visit the beautiful archaeological site of Bagan.

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