Swayambu Hill

Another day in Nepal takes us to the Swayambu hill, from which I will have the opportunity to enjoy a good overview of Kathmandu.


The abandoned building is located on the Swayambu hill, on one of the slopes along the Budhhabihar. The building is completely closed and can only be observed from the outside.


Going down the slope of the hill I come across a group of monkeys busy combing one another.

Never having loved these animals, I pass with indifference until I reach the building. Surrounded by walls, I am going to find an entrance passing close to other monkeys that scratch their asses well.

I find the door very easily, passing under a stone arch.

A tour of the building I run into a couple who withdraws all over themselves. A second round and a man around 35 years old stops me. With his shabby English he explains to me that gentlemen gather in front of the building every morning to do Yoga. Now used as a warehouse, first as a place of prayer. A kind of stupa (also built in stone for religious purposes) stands between me, the house and the gentleman.

Strokes in the void bring me back to reality. I have to hurry back to the hostel before another storm suddenly catches me again.

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