Khasi Heritage Village

A sacred forest wrapped in the mystery and legends of the Khasi population. A magical forest that envelops, swallows and hides from the eyes of ordinary tourists.


The semi-abandoned village is located not far from the sacred forest of Lawkyntang, near Mawphlang. Access is free to anyone.


Once a year inside this site a festival (Monolith festival) is organized to show how various Khasi tribes once lived. This place was created in the likeness of various Khasi villages. An amphitheater can be observed where projections take place and a museum containing artifacts, tools, weapons, everyday and occasional objects widely used by the Khasi. There is also a section dedicated to archery. Right now the site looks more a reminder of a lost civilization.


After resting in the meadow and warming myself in the rays of the sun, I feel that the road is calling me. Since it is not possible to visit the forest without an authorized guide, I refer all this to later and retire to the historic village of the Khasi tribes.

The various houses and huts are partly demolished by the wind and various weather conditions. At the entrance waiting for the tourist there are several stone sculptures.

From one side of the village to the other, the students from Bagladesh are busy taking selfies and from time to time listening to what the teacher says. The wind begins to blow from the north. First with a slight breeze, then more decisive and lashing. In the distance, rather threatening clouds make their appearance. Nothing less can be expected from the unpredictable rainy season.

The straw is embedded and contained in the boards of the houses and begins to dance. In some of them the floor is completely missing, in others it is missing in different places, or it is simply too rotten to walk on it. Soon these houses will not have much to tell.

After twenty minutes the wind begins to swallow me, and the clouds put pressure on the ground, to then let go in a flood. The decision is simple: find a refuge.

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