Villa Paradiso

Villa Grompo-Pigafetta, Bettanin, Paradiso

Villa Grompo-Pigafetta, Bettanin known as ‘Paradiso’ (Paradise): a building dating back to the late 17th century located in the Grompa area, near the left bank of the Masina Canal, which appears to be the extension of previous 16th-century construction.

Villa Grompo-Pigafetta, Bettanin, Paradiso

It consists of a central body with living functions and two lateral barchesse (barns) that were originally used as workers’ dwellings and stables, which enclose a large courtyard. The central part is adorned with a small pronaos bearing the coat of arms of the family. Towards the end of the 18th century, a further building with a completely porticoed façade was built for agricultural use only.

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