Abandoned Berlin: Top Guide

There are several ways to explore Berlin: one of them is to spend all your days in the queues going from one museum to another, together with other tourists. But I guess you are on this site not for this – we will advise you some absolutely free and full of joy and happiness, abandoned places in Berlin that you will for sure like!

Berlin is absolutely charming city for urbex lovers: it is full of abandoned sites. And the most amazing part is that they are quite structurized by several bloggers or journalists. The most famous of them – “Abandoned Berlin”, we have taken an interview with the creator of this blog, you can read it here.


We were in Berlin just for one week, but even for this small period of time we fell in love with it. While searching for some abandoned buildings, described in the mentioned before blog, we were finding another, much more interesting sites, on our way. Abandoned buildings in Berlin appear very easy, just as mushrooms after rain.

Another interesting point is the started commercialisation of abandoned sites in Berlin. Now you need to pay seven euros to enter to the Teufelsberg, the famous NSA spy station. It is abandoned and has nothing inside, but due to the big interest from tourists, they started to make people pay. Another example – Olympic village. As well, you can get inside it just with touristic group and after paying (though we made it without).

Abandoned buildings in Berlin are very interesting, they are as an open museum, that is free for everyone. Some of the buildings were abandoned by the Nazis, some by the Soviets and some by the Americans when they occupied West Berlin. The best thing is the possibility to touch with your own hands the history, to see the truth as it was, without anybody staying near and asking you to move on…

So, less words, let’s start! PS: be careful, you are entering on your own risk, as the entrance as always is verbotten.

1) Of course first of all you need to visit the Spreepark, abandoned amusement park! Hurry up, there are less and less things to see, so if you won’t do it NOW – later there will be nothing left.

More thrill adds the possibility to be caught, as park is guarded quite well with dogs and cameras. But we were not caught, maybe you also will be as well lucky!

You wanna have a ride on me?

2)  Another place that is also endangered – Grunau Ballhaus. A beautiful place in the past where many balls took place. Now just ruins are left, but still you can see the big ball-room together with piano in the middle of it. Some pieces of decoration as well are left there, that allows you somehow to catch that bygone era…

Piano and ball-house – all yours…

3) About ex-Iraqi embassy is already not worth to write: everything you could see to feel that place, doesn’t exist anymore. But still if you have some time – why not to visit the place that one day was an Iraqi embassy? I guess it’s much cooler to say that you had a party in Saddam’s house, rather than that you have seen kissing Brezhnev and Honecker on the Berlin wall (like everyone who is coming to Berlin).

All empty. All is gone

4) Another cool place that we have already mentioned is Olympic village, created in 1936, black times for Germany… Place itself is a quite big village with lots of houses where you can get inside (unlike to the tour where you can’t get inside nowhere, unless guide will take you there). Really little things are left here, but the history behind this place amazes you…


5) A full line of abandoned metro stations! This could be possible just here, in Berlin. You can wait for the whole day, but your train will never come! Such an abandonment, and all not far from the city center. Amazing!

Don’t even try to wait for your train here

6) I don’t know why, but just here we will talk about the most amazing abandoned place in Berlin….tam-tam-tam…and it’s an Anatomy University! Place with such a strange atmosphere. “Dead people are still here”, is written on one of the walls, and we can really feel it. Here students were preparing, and studying buddies. So together with their study rooms they had cellar with morgue and dead people…Brrrrr…

They really were

7) This abandoned swimming pool in Pankow is also very interesting. We need to mention that Berlin is overall very generous for abandoned pools, we don’t know, why! The beautiful mermaid is still swimming in one of the pools, and you can catch her or just join in her swim…

The beautiful creature inside one of the pools…

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