Amusement Glory Swept by a Whirlwind

Hello everyone! Today we welcome you to the most beautiful and exciting amusement park in the whole of “Bassa Padovana”. Prepare to immerse yourself in the thermal pools and then immediately dive into the bowling alley. As a last stop, when the sun has already set, a moment of celebration to have fun and dance in our nonpareil disco “Fuori Rotta”!




The amusement park is located in Padua, to be precise in via Fogazzaro in the Guizza district. To enter you will have to pass over one of the two entrance gates that face the street.


The amusement park was founded in 1991 by the entrepreneur Stefano Viviani. For many years it was a center of meetings, activities and rest for many young and not young people from the province of Padua. The park included swimming pools, bars, discothèques, bowling, mini-golf, gym in a total of 25 thousand square meters.;aggregationId=&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=56601825

Unfortunately, on July 6, 2008, a whirlwind blew up and destroyed most of the buildings doing damage for 600,000 euros. The owner of the amusement park said:

“After the whirlwind, convinced that one day I would have arrived, all or in part, according to the laws in force, the money of compensation, I began, slowly, to make repair or to build from scratch all the sectors of the park destroyed by the whirlwind. In practice, I was in debt till my neck in order to get the whole area back on its feet.”

Because of the crisis, the entrepreneur could not sustain all the debts and therefore the banks became the owners of the playground.

Still the amusement park lies in ruins waiting for a future reset.


We arrive in front of the gates of the park at the last light of the day. We hasten to go through the bars of the gate, as if we were the last rays of sunlight filtered through the railings of a glass door.

As usual, whenever we are going to sneak into an abandoned place, the influx of cars and people in the neighborhood increase. We wait for the last car to pass and the trail of light created by its headlights disappears around the corner, immediately we climb over the gate. We fall on the ground with a thud, almost like pebbles sinking into a lake. We both shoot in the middle of some reeds.

The first space that opens in front of us is a paved area, with a toy seal in the center and a ball glued to the nose. Nearby we see colored balls, and almost like a track to follow we infiltrate in one of the buildings.

In addition to finding ourselves in front of a pile of balls, we get our eye in the two corners of the room the so-called machines “eat tokens”. In addition to the latter we also find some pinball machines, slot machines and other arcade consoles.

Walking silently we move to another building, and we understand that we ended up in the bowling alley. The sun has set, and so we make a light with our torches.

We light up the various bowling balls that lie motionless on the track, the skittles behind us and a pair of shoes. The atmosphere is almost surreal: the fog that slowly falls and stands between us and the door, the now faded white of the skittles that reflects our lights, the silence that surrounds us interrupted only by our steps and the distant passage of some cars .

Being in a hurry we do not even try to do a launch, so we move towards the pool building.

“It’s really immense!” We exclaim aloud.

In our exploration we encounter showers, swimming pools, swimming equipment and slides. This building is a real labyrinth composed of stairs, slides that climb and pass one below the other and pools at various levels.

We try to go down using one but we have to stop halfway because it starts to be too slippery. From the outside, you can admire the frozen pools and the slides that fall out of the structure into the ice. Even the fungus frees its spores which in contact with the air freeze immediately.

On our way back we stop in a bar, with bottles and glasses on the table still intact. We return to the bowling alley to reach the first floor, where the disco “Fuori rotta” appears in all its degradation. There are chairs left here and there, scattered throughout the room and the location of the DJ covered with waste.

Having done that, we are moving towards the gate and, waiting that there will not be people and cars, we climb overhead. Our adventure ends in the evening, giving us another piece of history of our city.

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