East in Gagra

The eyes work like a radar, and in the vicinity they sight another abandoned place that appears to be different from the others.

Gagra and its mysteries

The building is located not far from the Zimniy theater, and always on the same side of the street. To access it you will need to go up some stairs and then go down through a gap where the net is broken.

Arab influence in Abkhazia

The building is built in an Arab / Oriental style, and from a distance it almost resembles a mosque.
I walk slowly down the slope that leads me to the entrance. “It looks like they have started the work” I repeat to myself.

In the corridor and in some rooms you can run into some work on the foundations. Having said that we must be careful because here and there are scattered pits hidden in the dark.
On the upper floor I find wooden frames of windows built in Arabic style and resting on the walls of different rooms.

All of a sudden, in the middle of my exploration, I find myself in front of a breathtaking view: an arcade that opens and shows in all its beauty pines and trees that exhibit, illuminated by the sun that makes to shine even more the green of their chlorophyll. I spend a few minutes admiring and photographing this scenario.

On the upper floors they did other works in order to make room for some cables and in some steps the concrete parts are completely missing.

Once I reach the top floor of the structure and then the roof I can finally lie down and change the clothes now soaked with sweat and stuck to the skin.
I eat the food I bought at the market near the beach, and let myself be lulled by the wind and the view of the sea.

The day has just begun,” I say to myself.

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