One Way to Iceland

abandoned US Navy DC-3

Somewhere in faraway Iceland, by the sea, an old plane has found its resting place. It has been lying there for 40 years and only the seagulls and the waves know its innermost secrets.

Sólheimasandur Beach

The abandoned plane DC-3 is located in Iceland, on the Sólheimasandur Beach, not far from one of the most beautiful waterfalls called Skogafoss.

The plane has located 4km from the place where you will need to park, so all this distance you will need to walk by yourself. In the parking place, there will be quite many tourists, so you will for sure not get lost.

abandoned plane iceland

US Navy DC-3

The US Navy DC-3 super bus plane crashed here on November 21st, 1973, after it was forced to make an emergency landing. The real reason why the plane went down is not clear even now. Some say that the aircraft ran out of fuel, while others that it had technical problems. Luckily all members of the crew survived.

After the crash, the plane was left here on the beach. Though aircraft wings and tails together with fuselage disappeared. According to the rumours, local farmers stole them and sold them.

Urban exploration in Iceland

Today the abandoned plane is one of the most visited attractions in all of Iceland. When we come there, it is hard to take even a photo without a tourist.

The plane itself is left in a good condition: most of the cabin and the wing engines are still found on the site. It was quite little when we saw it near, so we felt a little bit disappointed that we spent all day seeing it.

Urbex location

Photos are made by Anastasia Krasnova.

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