Tattoo Artist’s House

Tattooing as an eternal artistic product and the tattoo artist the ephemeral part.



The abandoned cottage is located on the slopes of the Euganean Hills, in an area where the abandonment of villas abounds. The entrance can be made by crossing a garden and then sneaking in through a ground floor window.


An abandoned cottage adjacent to one of the most famous villas in the whole Veneto region. It may escape the eyes of many, but not ours.

After avoiding a wasp nest we decide to choose a second window next door. We land with a thud in the rotten and dusty wood, probably lifting up remnants of who knows how many lives passed.
From the kitchen to the living room is a journey through cobwebs and tangles doing the acrobat in the sofas and the vertical in the armchairs. Scattered everywhere are drawings, photos of people, tattoos together with music cassettes and books of all kinds.

On the upper floor there are two more rooms, one of which is furnished and equipped to accommodate a child. Plush animals and toys welcome you, while a doll with a demonic appearance lurks hidden in the corner of the wall, perched on a lamp.

More photos are stuck on the wall while the shrill sound of an arcade video game makes us jolt. A parallel universe opens up, but without any interference with our world.

After all, what is a video game for when we are already in the fairytale world?

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