Owl Restaurant

In the sleepless and stormy night two round, yellow eyes wait silently for the arrival of the savior.



The restaurant is located in the countryside of Ferrara, between the city of Ferrara and Bologna.
Access: through a hole in the front door of the building.


Before becoming a restaurant the building was an old villa. Later, in the 80’s, the transformation took place. Each room is decorated in a different way with references to the Italian Belle Epoque and the restaurant becomes the seat of an exclusive club.
The cause of the abandonment and the owners are unknown to us.


In the late autumn afternoons, the damp cold climbs into the pores of our lifeless bones. With our shoes sinking into the mud at every step and the rain lightly pounding our heads we reach the majestic and luxuriant villa-restaurant. It doesn’t take long before we find the entrance.

One at a time we pass through a hole in the front door to catapult ourselves into darkness. The lights immediately illuminate a large entrance hall with well-kept frescoes. Gradually we retrieve the small things, the details, reliving the itineraries of the waiters, the well decorated dishes: there was talk of illustrious people and good families, of betrayals and love affairs that cloud minds and jealousy souls.

In the room of the “carriages” they discussed profits and the greed of some entrepreneur leaving the irrational part aside. For those who have to confess there is a chapel on a human scale. What is a place like this doing in a restaurant? Certainly, together with lust, the throat is the most reprehensible vice. Guests let themselves go crying and screaming, receiving punishments of which they are not ashamed.

On the first floor the red room gives way to the blue room: after the aliens of Mars, the inhabitants of Neptune. Rays of light projected by our lamps escape our control and sneak out of the windows cutting through the darkness and potentially alarming the neighbours.

Grrrr….BUMP! Chrchr….BUMP! “What is it? We are not alone”? We reach the top floor with a question mark to come across a winged creature different from what our eyes used to see. Like a swivel chair, the creature’s neck turns while keeping its body immobile, and stares at us. It takes flight and falls on our heads, touching them and then being captured by our nimble arms.

“On the run, let’s take it to the second floor” let us say to ourselves. As we escort him to the first open window we ask: “O inhabitant of marshy lands and twilight forests, how did you end up here”? No answer. As soon as the threshold is reached we release him and, with a flutter of wings, he hovers in the air and disappears into the darkness of the night. We decide to imitate him in his deeds and shortly afterwards the silence of the night reigns again in the restaurant.

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