The Tractor Depot

A villa lost in the countryside and a darkroom…

The Veneto countryside

The abandoned place stands in the province of Vicenza.

Access is easy from the garage.

Abandoned tractors

On the lonely roads of the Veneto countryside stands a cute little two-storey house. The first floor lies in absolute silence, devoid of anything that once served to feed its former owners. On the second floor, however, the story is different, and the unhealthy air is populated by pigeons, taking advantage of a momentary abandonment. But the real treasure is jealously guarded inside, in the darkness of the cellar, buried by several layers of dust and humidity. Against the light, filtered by old steel bars, a group of rusty tractors show themselves in all their arrogance. Waiting for the rumble of thunder to revive them, we temporarily bring them back to life with the flash of our cameras.

Urbex location:

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