The Bats’ Den

Negozio abbandonato a Pracchia

The abandoned building located in the province of Pistoia, stands as a haunting relic of the past. As I make my way through its decaying corridors and rooms, I am greeted by an eerie atmosphere, the air heavy with the weight of abandonment and time.

Negozio abbandonato a Pracchia

The Abandoned Store

On the ground floor, darkness prevails, with only the dim illumination of my torch to guide me. The space once housed a shop, a forgotten relic of the past. Shelves are still stocked with items that have long been untouched. Layers of dust and cobwebs have settled on the products, creating an eerie veil that conceals the items beneath. Among the forgotten wares are chocolates, tea bags, barley, tins of tomatoes, pulses, seed oil, Nutella, glass jars filled with jam, biscuits, and even a solitary panettone, all now relics of a bygone era.

Negozio abbandonato a Pracchia

The children’s room

Ascending to the first floor, I navigate through the living area, which appears to have been hastily abandoned. Rooms are filled to the brim with clothes, suitcases, books, toys, and an assortment of objects strewn about haphazardly. The only source of light remains my trusty torch, piercing through the inky darkness as I explore the memories of a family that once called this place home. The shutters provide a glimmer of natural light, casting eerie shadows and adding a touch of relief to the otherwise gloomy setting.

Palazzo abbandonato a Pracchia

Encountering bats

Upon reaching the top floor, I’m met with an unexpected and unsettling encounter. Bats, disturbed from their slumber by my intrusive beam of light, flutter from room to room. I offer an apologetic nod and continue my exploration into the obscurity. In one of the rooms, I come across what was likely the children’s room, where faded paintings adorn the walls, a giant fan hangs from the ceiling, and a makeshift studio stands with a massive poster depicting a lush forest, now faded and worn.

Retracing my steps, I descend back through the abandoned building, eventually making my way to the exit. As I step outside into the daylight, I can’t help but reflect on the life that once filled the now-deserted structure, now silenced and left to the elements, with only memories and remnants of the past to speak of its history.

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